Didier Bigo is Professor at King's College London Department of War studies and MCU Research Professor at Sciences-Po Paris

He is also the director of the center for study of conflicts, liberty and security (ccls) and editor of the quarterly journal in French Cultures et Conflits published by ccls and l’Harmattan. See the website CCLS.EU

He has been the founder and co-editor with Rob Walker of International Political Sociology one of the journals of the International Studies Association published by Wiley Blackwell. He is co editor of the Routledge collection International Political Sociology, and the Routkledge collection liberty and security.

He is responsible of the KCL WP of the FP7 SOURCE in London and coordinator of the ANR UTIC in Paris


His areas of interests are:

* Intelligence, surveillance and obedience: cyber-surveillance and effects on societies, global freedom, and international politics

* Security and liberty, biometrics identifiers and databases, societal security
* Antiterrorist policies in Europe and their effects on freedom, privacy, equality
* Merging of internal security and external security: trajectories of the institutions of migration justice and home affairs, field of professionals of (in)security
* Migrants and refugees in Europe, controls and beyond controls, mobility, freedom and autonomy of migrants

* Theory of frontiers, reflexivity of knowledge
* Critical security studies- PARIS school: Political Anthropological Research on International Sociology
* International Political Sociology- Transdisciplinary approach -


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